IG: Trade with the Best CFD Broker

If you have been dreaming of trading with the best CFD broker in UK, your best bet is IG. Claiming to the be the best CFD and spread betting provider, the easy-to-use trading broker platform has industry leaders on the ground to give you expert trade ideas and awesome and efficient support to help you reach your goal.

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Regardless of your years of experience in the trading business, IG has a custom-made trading program that will bring out the best in you. Of course, you have tons of options to choose from: over 1,600 trading ways and markets are at your disposal as you learn and master the trading techniques.

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Trading Platforms

IG offers four different trading platforms so that you can choose the right trading platform that will enhance your trading skills and boost your chances of trading profitably. The available trading platforms you can choose from on this CF broker are:

  1. Online Trading Platform

The online trading platform allows you a smarter and faster way to trade in your favorite asset on your browser. On the platform, you can perform the following operations:

  • ·Use risk management tools to protect your capital from unnecessary risk.
  • ·Use smart settings to trade faster.
  • ·You can use an array of drawings and indicators while you maintain your stability and speed.
  • ·Split charts that allow you to view a market on different timeframes simultaneously.

The goal is to ensure that you don’t lack what you need to excel while using the platform for trading.

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  1. Trading Apps

The trading apps for mobile devices will prove to be a reliable tool if you wish to take full control of your trading. You can gain access to forex, stocks, indices, and thousands of other markets with the trading apps that are designed to meet your trading needs.

The trading apps from the best UK trading broker have these awesome features that will prove useful while trading:

  • ·Cross-platform designs for the major tablet and mobile devices.
  • ·Free download.
  • ·Secured with 256-bit SSL encryption for the safety of your data and investment.
  • ·Regular updating for the best trading experience.
  • ·Live prices available always.
  • ·Access to exclusive analysis and data on indices, stocks, forex, and shares.

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  1. Meta Trader 4

Meta Trader 4 isn’t your regular platform. This is an advanced training platform where a wide range of features and tools are at your disposal whenever you wish to conduct an analysis of your trading. The tools are also handy if customizing your trading experience is in your bucket list.

The tools are also useful for building trading algorithms for trading automation. You have these tools and many more in the Meta Trader 4 platform.

image010 IG: Trade with the Best CFD Broker

  1. Advanced Platforms

This is another feature-rich platform that includes APIs and Direct Market Access (DMA).  The platform is designed to make it easy for you to have direct interaction with stock exchange order books.

image012 IG: Trade with the Best CFD Broker

It also allows you to use Forex Direct for trading currency of your choice at the market price. And finally, if you have front-end solutions that are working well for you, you can connect it to IG’s range of dealing products through this advanced platform.

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As the best CFD trading broker in UK, IG ensures that its traders have access to whatever support they need to trade successfully.

For instance, it has a customer support team that works round the clock to meet the traders’ different needs and inquiries. The support team is available from 8 am on Saturday to 10 pm on Friday while you can send your complaints to their email or give them a call. To its credit, IG claims to “answer 90% of calls in under 20 seconds.” That’s very impressive and ensures that quality time is not wasted waiting for assistance from the support team.

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There is also an interactive education session that will make you a better trader than you currently are. IG Academy offers some webinars and courses that are primarily designed to improve players and get the best out of them. You can also take advantage of the platform’s learning hub that is available to the members free of charge.

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Living up to its reputation as the best trading platform, IG has a community (IG Community) where you can communicate with other traders or ask questions from IG staff and get your questions answered as soon as possible.

IG simply wants to give you the right support that will improve your trading skills with its numerous support programs and team.

Tailored to your needs

If you are new to trading, you obviously need a platform that can take you by the hand and show you how it is done before you start investing your hard-earned money in trading.

On the other hand, as an experienced player, you also need a broker platform that will take your skills a level higher. IG can meet your need, whether you are a new trader or an experienced one with its different features.

If you are new to trading, here is a list of what you can get from the platform:

  • ·Learn trading skills
  • ·Discover different trading methods.
  • ·Learn risk management skills
  • ·Get brilliant ideas and analysis

On the other hand, if you are already an experienced trader, you will derive the following benefits from choosing this platform:

  • ·See available spreads and costs.
  • ·Learn about the available support systems.
  • ·Learn about the available services for pro traders.

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This is in addition to some general features that will be useful for any type of trader. In this category are features such as:

  • ·Easy to use and fast.
  • ·Numerous apps that are optimized for different types of devices.
  • ·Risk management tools.
  • ·Advanced platforms

Thus, whether you are a pro trader or an amateur, IG is fully prepared to help you to become a better trader through its assistance. Your ability to use this platform in such a way that you can maximize its potentials will determine your result as a trader.

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