ETX Capital: Best CFD Trading Broker in UK

There are several trading platforms in the UK but ETX Capital is a trading broker with a difference. The platform was created to offer traders a platform where they can trade with the right tools and get the best results for their efforts.

The award-winning forex and crypto broker offers trading opportunities in shares, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. You can create a demo account to test the features and other available tools on the platform.

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If you are a newbie trader or you want to improve your trading skills, ETX Capital offers you the tools and resources you need to get better at what you do. With the tools that are listed below, you have what you need to trade like a pro.

You can learn how to trade commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, shares, and others with these training tools:

  • ·Webinars: ETX Capital offers free webinars, online trading courses that will help you to know the platform better, improve your trading knowledge, as well as plan ahead for the trading strategy you want to use next.
  • ·eBooks: The best trading broker in UK has a free eBook library with enough training material that can be of help in learning about key trading strategies, the top markets to check and trade on, and other market events. The more knowledgeable you are at what you do, the better you will become at trading.

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·         Platform guides: With tons of tutorials and step-by-step video guide to choose from, ETX Capital removes the stress of trial-and-error learning and gives you practical training that will boost your performance over time.
You have the ETX TraderPro Tutorial Series on Applying MACD, Technical Indicators, Risk Management, On-Chart Trading, Watchlists and Price Alerts, and a host of other video tutorials. Watch these videos and learn some valuable skills that will improve your trading skills considerably.

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Trust Score

If you have been wondering whether this trading platform justifies its ranking as the best CFD trading platform in UK, the trading platform’s reputation in the international community should allay your fears and make you comfortable with trading on the platform.

The multiple award-winning trading broker has received the desired recognition of its trustworthiness with such awards as Best Spread Betting Platform, Best Forex Trading Platform by UK Forex Awards, 2018, and Winner, Online Personal Wealth Awards, 2019, among others.

It doesn’t come as a surprise, then, that over 5,000 traders flock the platform each month to take advantage of the best crypto broker in UK.


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ETX Capital offers two major services that cover the entire length and breadth of the trading market. The services are:

  1. Spread Betting

A leading name in the industry, this trading broker is one of the best providers of spread betting in the United Kingdom. You can enjoy the numerous powerful charting tools, instant execution, and low spread on a multitude of markets, over 5,000 in all. 

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With its customizable workspaces and dynamic risk management tools, you have the perfect tool to trade conveniently and make a success of what you do.

Some of the benefits of spread betting include:

  • ·Tight spreads: Here you have access to competitive spreads from 0.6 pips from the major FX pairs. This will spread on the major indices that have 1 point and above.
  • ·Tax-free profits: If you are a UK resident, both the Capital Gains tax and Stamp Duty exempt whatever profit you make from Spread Betting from tax. Hence, you have complete access to your profits.
  • ·Over 5,000 markets: For each type of asset, there are several markets you can leverage. Whether you want to trade commodities or Indices, the over 5,000 markets allow you to choose the market of your choice and trade to your heart desire.
  • ·Instant Execution: If you wish to analyze the market in order to understand it better and up your game, use the advanced technical indicators for a good analysis of the markets. This platform will execute the indicator instantly so that you can do your analysis and get it over as fast as possible.

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  1. CFD Trading

The trading broker is a good platform for trading Contract for Difference (CFD). It enables you to make speculations on the fluctuating prices of financial markets such as commodities, shares, treasures, currencies, and what have you.

The CFD Trading will teach you the best way to place your trade and manage it effectively for the right result. If you wish to develop a trading strategy that is reliable and effective, you will be trained on how to do this too.

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As a CFD trader, you will derive the same benefits that Spread Betting traders are offered. This will be a great plus for your trading efforts.

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Customer Support

ETX Capital is a great broker with the necessary machinery to ensure that traders get the desired result for their efforts. The company is aware of the possible challenges that traders may face and has done everything possible to provide the necessary assistance for them through its efficient customer support service.

The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday to attend to your needs and that of other traders across the country. Within the hours of 7:30 am to 9:00 pm, the team is on the ground and will answer your questions or provide solutions to your problems.

Whether you are a new account owner or an existing customer, there is a dedicated phone line where you can contact the team and lay your complaints or make your inquiry.

ETX Capital is a great place to start your trading career. Its tools and features are aptly designed to give you an edge while trading. If you use these tools with a view to maximizing their potentials, you will become a skilled trader and increase your chances of becoming a great trader with great results to show for your efforts.

This trading platform will provide you with all the tools that will take your trading to the next level. With the platform, the sky is your limit.

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