easyMarkets: Best Trading Platform for Beginners

easyMarkets is one of the outstanding trading platforms for beginners to cut their trading teeth and keep on growing their skills. For the records, easyMarkets has recorded over 56 million executed orders, almost $3 trillion trading volume, and over 142 thousand traders served.

This special trading broker allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies, forex, metals, commodities, and indices.

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Trust Score

Whether you are new in the trading world or have some years of experience to your name, you obviously won’t trade credibility for anything else while trading on any platform.

This trading company has carved a niche for itself as the best trading platform in UK. Well, the stats below show that easyMarkets is a trustworthy trade broker in UK:

  • ·Best APAC Region Broker, 2018
  • ·Most Innovative Broker, 2018
  • ·Best Forex Service Provider, 2017
  • ·Most Transparent Broker, 2017
  • ·Best Trusted by Investors, 2017

These are in addition to some over 30 more awards by international organizations. In all, this trading platform can boast of some 37 international awards and 5-star ratings by 564 users of the platform, according to Trustpilot, a company which claims to “fight fake reviews” on its website.

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The international recognition received by the easyMarkets as well as the positive reviews from its users is proof of the trading platform’s trustworthiness and thus makes it a worthy CFD trading broker in UK.

Customer support

There are several avenues for contacting the customer support team if you have an issue to sort out with them or if you need their assistance.

They are available through Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. If you wish, you can also send email to their official website and wait for response from the support team.

The availability of a competent team to attend to your inquiries and complaints is an assurance that you won’t be left when stuck on the platform. Rather, you will always receive the needed assistance that will make it easier for you to trade successfully on the platform.

Essential Trading Tools

When trading on this platform, you are not left alone to sort things out yourself without assistance. It is noteworthy that the trading platform offers some essential trading tools that will prove invaluable to your trading activities. Some of the tools you should consider to include in your toolbox are:

  1. easyTrade

This tool does what its name implies: making trading easy for the users. The tool has some features that will enhance your trading skills. Some of the features are:

Risk: This feature allows you to determine in advance the maximum amount of your money you can afford to risk even before you start trading.

Trade Time: This tool shows you your easyTrade time duration. Once the trade time expires, it will automatically close. Alternatively, you can personally close the time before it expires.

Potential Payout: This is a graphical representation of your gains and trade and how they fluctuate, depending on your selected options.

You can check other features of this tool out when you contemplate trading on the platform.

  1. dealCancellation

How will you feel if you realize during a trading session that you have made a huge mistake? Obviously, you will feel bad about it and perhaps be concerned about losing your investment. Well, this tool allows you to undo the error by canceling your order if the market doesn’t seem to be moving in your favour.

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  1. Freeze Rate

This is an innovative and unique trading tool that you can use to freeze a price that catches your attention. This allows you some seconds to trade with the price. The couple of seconds’ window you have can make a difference in this market, considering its volatility.

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Powerful Market Analysis Tools

Are you aware of the current events in the market? Do you know what the movers in the market are doing at the moment? You must be ready to analyze your market with a view to understanding the market as well as make the best decision.

The market analysis tools mentioned below will assist you to analyze your market and understand it better in order to make a success of your trading.

  1. Market News

A good trader must learn all the basic skills he or she needs to excel in the business. It is important that you know the hottest things that the markets will readily accept. Understanding the geopolitical events, macroeconomic data, and some related information may be what you need to become a successful trader.

Hence, if you are abreast of development in the market, you increase your chances of successful trading on this UK trading broker.

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  1. Trading Charts

This tool provides you real-time charts that will allow you to understand the market trend at a specific period of time. With it, you can check historical price data, see all the tradable prices in real time, and have some other information you need for the best marketing opportunity.

You can select from a couple of chart types such as Line, Open-High-Low-Close, and candlestick. You can equally overlay different indicators that you will find helpful in analyzing your market entry as well as the exit points.


  1. Financial Calendar

Follow economic events as they unfold in the market. Each week, several economic events are held to where issues related to trading are discussed. From the information-rich speeches that are delivered by industry experts, you will learn some salient tips that will be of great help to you.

  1. Trade Hours

Trading is done at different hours of the day. Each traded asset has its Open, Close, and Daily Break periods. If you want to trade any of the items, doing it at the right time will make it easier for you.

Use the Trade Hours tool to monitor the trading time for each asset so that you won’t miss out on a golden opportunity to trade at the right time.

easyMarkets has put everything in place to make trading a lot easy for its traders. No doubt that it is considered as the best trading platform in UK, making it a trading broker you should check out if you wish to trade in any of the assets supported by the platform.


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